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Katie Reilly is a qualified Irish dance instructor (T.C.R.G) under the Commission of Irish Dance in Ireland (C.L.R.G).  She fell in love with Irish dancing at the age of 10 and went on to enjoy Irish dancing with a successful 15 year career as a competitor and perfomer.  She has competed in Canada, the United States and Ireland.



She danced for the Grant School of Irish Dancing as well as the Butler-Fearon O'Connor school, under the instruction of Brigid Grant, Brian Grant and Rose Fearon.  After obtaining her teaching qualifications, Katie worked with the Miller School of Irish dancing, teaching and choreographing under Maureen Miller.



Irish Dancing became an even larger part of her life when her mother, Susan, and herself opened their Irish Dance dress design business in 2008 ( Designing and creating Irish Dance dresses allowed Katie to learn more about the art form and better her own performance.



Being a teacher comes naturally to Katie, whose parents were both Special Education teachers. She has continued on the same career path and is currently an occasional teacher for students in both elementary and secondary schools.  She hopes for all students to enjoy their educational experience, whcther it be academic or recreation based.  She wants all students to have fun and experience the culture of those around them.  She believes that every child has a talent that can be fostered by encouragement and support from those around them, and that working with students, parents and the community can foster the love of Irish dance that she has come to embody.




Katie Reilly

T.C.R.G., B.Ed


Irish Dance Lessons in Mississauga, ON

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